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#1. Only BBW Content!

#2. NO pop-ups, consoles or banner farms.

#3. NO Numeric IP #'s or NON adult free hosts.

#4. DO NOT submit the same page or URL twice.

#5. MUST have at least 10 pics with thumbnails.

#6) DO NOT submit Child Porn unless you like prison.

#7. NO thumbs that lead to HTML pages.

#8. MUST have a LINK back to us

Use this to link back to the Chubby TGP


The Chubby TGP
More Cushion
For The Pushin!

Just cut and paste the code below to get this!


<!--Start to Cut Here-->
<div align="center"><table border="2" width="200" bgcolor="black" bordercolor="#FF70E9">
        <td width="740"><p align="center"><a href=""><font
             face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="yellow">The Chubby TGP</font></a><font
             face="Comic Sans MS" size="4" color="white"><br>
            More Cushion<br>
            For The Pushin!</font></td>
<!--End Cutting Here-->

Or you could use one of these Buttons!

And Just link them Back to

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